Wild Orange


Today I wanted to share one of my favorite oils… WILD ORANGE!  

wild orange

Wild orange essential oils is cold-pressed from the peel of an orange. The wild orange is great for revitalizing and energizing. It is often used for uplifting mood as it has an amazing citrus aroma.

Strengths and Properties: antidepressant, antispasmodic, anticancer, tonic, antiseptic, and sedative.

Historical Uses: Orange oils have been used for scurvy, jaundice, palpitation, bleeding, prolapse of the uterus and anus, diarrhea, heartburn,and blood in the feces.

Uses: The doTERRA wild orange oil can help with appetite, bronchitis, anxiety, complexion, colds, digestive system, colic, dermatitis, fever, flu, mouth ulcers, muscle soreness, high cholesterol, sedation, obesity, tissue repair, water retention and wrinkles.

Aromatic Uses: You can diffuse doTERRA wild orange essential oil for uplifting and to calm the mind and body.

Application Uses:

  • romantically – You can diffuse orange essential oil.
    • Topically – The oils can be applied to the skin.
      • Internally – It can be taken internally with gel capsules or with food and beverages. It is classified for human consumption by FDA



Well it’s here… I’m 50 today!  So what does 50 feel like?  Amazingly it feel very much like 40, but with a few more pounds!

LLVMoving right along… I started taking LLV about 3 weeks ago and I’m really happy with the energy I’ve gained.  Before I had little to no energy when I got home from work about 6 pm each night.  I’m not saying that I’m cleaning, cooking and doing laundry every night.  But I can get more done than before.  I started DDR Prime on Friday.  So my 50’s are starting out pretty good I’d have to say.

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my day!

I’m a new IPC


While visiting with my mom in Peshastin, WA the weekend of July 20th I signed up to be a doTerra Independent Product Consultant !

oilsI’ve been using a few oils here and there, and started hearing more and more about how my mom might be able to get some relief from her pain using oils.  She placed an order and signed up with doTerra within a month.

I love to read what other people are doing with oils and I keep a small compositions book with everything I want to remember.  The more I write things down the more likely I am to remember it!   It also makes it easier to share information.  I’m going to use this blog as another place to keep information, and what I call “EO Recipes”.